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Gas Gauge IC

    CW2015 Single Cell Gas-Gauge ASIC

    The CW2015 is an ultra‐compact, low‐cost, host‐side/pack‐side, sensing resistor free, fuel gauging system IC for Lithium‐ion(Li+) based batteries in handheld and portable devices.
    CW2015 tracks Li+ battery’s operational condition and uses state‐of‐art algorithm to report the relative State‐of‐Charge (SOC) of very different battery chemistry systems (LiCoOx, polymer Li‐ion, LiMnOx etc.).
    CW2015 includes a 14‐bit Sigma‐Delta ADC, a precision voltage reference and build‐in accurate temperature sensor. The IC allows the end‐user to eliminate the expensive sensing resistor which occupies large board area. And the IC also sends out the alarm signal if the battery SOC level reaches pre‐programmed threshold.
    Quick start function offers the possibility to make an initial estimation of the battery’s SOC, which also enables the IC to be located on system side or pack side, giving the flexibility to system maker on pack choice.
    CW2015 uses a 2‐wire I2C compatible serial interface that operates in standard (100 kHz), fast (400 kHz).

    • System‐Side or Pack‐Side Fuel Gauging
    • 3% Maximum Total SOC Measurement Error
    • 14‐bit Delta Sigma ADC for Temperature and Cell Voltage Measurement
    • Precision Voltage Measurement
    • No Offset Accumulation During Life Time
    • No Full‐to‐Empty Battery Learning Cycles Necessary
    • No Sense Resistor Required
    • SOC and RRT available
    • External Alarm/Interrupt for Low‐Battery Warning Available
    • Patented “FastCali” gas gauging algorithm
    • Very Low Active and Sleep Power Consumption
    - Normal mode 15uA
    - Sleep mode <1uA
    • General I2C interface
    • Tiny, Lead(Pb)‐Free, 8‐Pin TDFN Package


    • Smartphone
    • Tablet PCs
    • Handheld and Portable Applications 

    Typical Application