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High Performance Computing (HPC)

release time:2018-06-13

Mellanox Solutions Deliver up to 250 Percent Higher Return on Investment for High Performance Computing Platforms

High-performance computing encompasses advanced computation over parallel processing, enabling faster execution of highly compute intensive tasks such as machine learning, climate research, molecular modeling, physical simulations, cryptanalysis, geophysical modeling, automotive and aerospace design, financial modeling, virtual reality and more. High-performance systems requires the most efficient compute and storage platforms and key performance metrics include the performance, efficiency, and scalability of the interconnect technology. Efficient high-performance computing systems require high-bandwidth, low-latency connections, both between thousands of multi-processor nodes and to high-speed shared storage systems.

By providing low-latency, high-bandwidth, high message rate, transport offload to facilitate extremely low CPU overhead, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), and advanced communications and computations offloads, Mellanox interconnect solutions are the most deployed high-speed interconnect for large-scale simulations, replacing proprietary or low-performance solutions. Mellanox's Scalable HPC interconnect solutions are paving the road to Exascale computing by delivering the highest scalability, efficiency, and performance for HPC systems today and in the future. Mellanox solutions are proven to deliver the highest data center return on investment and are certified for a large variety of market segments, clustering topologies and environments (Linux, Windows). Mellanox is also an active member of the HPC Advisory Council and contributes to high-performance computing outreach and education around the world. Additionally, specific inquiries on Mellanox's HPC offerings can be directed to HPC@mellanox.com.

Mellanox solutions enable users to maximize their data center performance and efficiency. Mellanox solutions guarantee both backward and forward compatibility, and delivers optimized data center performance to users for any compute elements – whether they include CPUs by Intel, IBM, AMD or ARM, or GPUs or FPGAs. Utilizing the Mellanox intelligent interconnect, companies can gain a competitive advantage, reducing their product design time while saving on their needed data center infrastructure High-performance computing covers a variety of markets and applications. Here are some examples: